Time Shares, Are they worth it? Part I

I just got back from Cabo San Lucas, and as many of you who may have traveled to Mexico’s Tourist Location, I got bombarded by offers to visit timeshare locations in exchange for free attractions, car rentals, or even cash.  I have been to Mexico several times, so I know the game.  I do own a timeshare that I like a lot and I find it to be a good value.  I am usually staying at 4 or 5 star resorts, for about $550.00 a week.  The place is usually a one or two bedroom condo, not a small hotel room, and located on the beach.  Being that I am an “owner” and I meet the right stereotype of the perfect buyer(married, American, family, & am not in the travel industry), I can usually negotiate the largest incentive plan for the two hours I will be giving up on my vacation.

The typical commission a salesman makes in getting someone to attend a timeshare presentation  is about $500.00.  Knowing this, I will usually request twice this amount in incentives.  I usually end up with about $400-$450, worth of incentives.  I typically will arrange a private fishing trip, a golf outing, a spa treatment for my wife, and a credit to my timeshare services bill. I have been on dozens of boat cruises, meals, island hops, and wilderness adventures all for free.   This is step 1 of the timeshare game.  If the first salesman does not give you what you want, go to the next, these guys would rather only make $25.00 off of you, then make nothing at all.   Remembernever ever buy at these meetings, until you finish reading all the parts of this blog.

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