Two Birds, One Stone: Save Money on Commercial Air Conditioning Costs

Any landlord knows the struggle of keeping their properties cool during those hot summer months while trying to avoid astronomical price surges in electrical usage. Want one easy, effective solution? Try reflective roof coating.
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Reflective roofing can help cut air conditioning costs during the summer by 30-40%.The three types of reflective roofing, a rubberized paint process, a single ply system, or a poly foam system, create a barrier between the weather and the roof. Not only does this protect your roof from leaks and water damage, the white roof system reflects hot sunlight. This “cool” roof reflects much more sunlight than it absorbs, as opposed to a “black” roof, or a normal, uncoated roof. Uncoated roofs absorb solar energy, and that heat transfers into the building, increasing the need for air conditioning. By installing a reflective coating, the interior of the building remains cooler, and tenants don’t have to crank the AC up so high, saving you money and headaches.

Over time, your investment pays off exponentially. Upkeep and maintenance is very simple- a quick recoating every ten years or so (at only a fraction of the price of initial installation) keeps the system running like new. You’ll save money on electric bills and won’t have to do constant repairs on a leaky roof.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to invest in reflective roofing. You can negotiate a much better price with your roofers who are usually slow during this period. Typically during these few months, their services aren’t in high demand, so you can get a great deal.

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