What Utility Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Everyone who’s ever had problems with utility services knows the struggle of sending utility companies to a property. With the hassle of connecting to a live representative and scheduling an appointment long after you need the work done, it almost doesn’t seem worth it. However, utility companies are required to send repair people to your property immediately if you fulfill certain conditions.

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Did you know that if you have an infant in need of warm milk, gas and electric companies are obligated to send representatives to handle your issue as soon as possible?

If someone on the property is in need of medical attention or has a life alert system, then electric, gas, water, and phone services will expedite your claim so you can be taken care of rapidly.

Additionally, if you’re behind on your utility bills and you’re facing a shut-off of services, if you have an infant under a year old or a severely ill person living on the property, you can avoid a shut-off by getting a form from your doctor.

It’s a huge liability for utility companies if something happens to someone young or ill on your property while their services were disengaged, so companies are more likely to take your case seriously and deal with issues as soon as they possibly can.

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